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I am Manuel Engler – media designer, ui designer and web developer by profession. 10 years experience in agencies and another 10 years with my own company are now merging into my new vision:
I believe that every business, every product or every service is unique. There are always real people behind it. Individuals. Human beings. And all of us have a peerless core within us. My attempt is to reveal this jewel within a company or business idea and make it shine. This guides me to find truly tailor-made solutions for every client. Because they deserve it and it simply works best to reach their goals.
While I love to work on my own, I love even more to work with others! Therefore I am happy to have a supportive team of freelancers around me: Designers & developers, copywriters, marketing experts & consultants, photographers, SEO & SEA experts, production companies, ... – to scale up if needed and form individual teams for every project.
Based in Munich, Germany, my life journey also brought me to Indonesia where I was living for 3 years and where I met my fiancée Astri. Together we are now establishing our home base in both countries.
pillar of strength as project leader and organizer
Expert in online- & offline-design
concept planner with penchant for networking
always positive and precise
infinitely patient
sees the world through a photographic eye
committed partner
learning machine
wannabe astronaut
yoga teacher
mountain lover
trail runner
crypto enthusiast