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The cycle towards purposeful results

No doubt, every project is different. However, in order to be able to create more than „just“ beautiful design, I have realized that there are always four essential stages which form the basis for working with my clients:
I call it the LEAR process.
Rather than a linear sequence it´s more like an infinite cycle and interactive process. Nevertheless, every stage has its own importance and characteristics.
LISTENING: The Perception Stage
Sit down and talk. We will find the precious seeds to build your new visual identity and your online appearance.
Tell me your story. We won´t make any decisions here, just talking and sharing. Probably the most significant stage.
Tell me about whatever feels important to you. Your company and the persons behind, your product or service, your budget and expectations, your history and visions, your values and needs, your market insights, your competitors, your favorite coffee shop … the more the better.
Embracing: The Identification Stage
Merging with perspectives. Answers come up and ideas start to unfold – in that stage we learn a lot about your target group.
What´s true? What´s wrong? What´s good? What´s bad? What´s the best website especially for you? The answer to those questions can be very different: how we look determines what we see! This is a very important realization when it comes to communication.
It´s all about finding related perspectives and identifying with them. We prioritize your standpoint – however, to achieve your goals it´s sometimes useful to zoom out and look at the big picture. We include new possibilities, we brainstorm, we might start from scratch. And most important: we dive deep into your target group to establish the best possible understanding of how to address them most effectively.
Analyzing: The Evaluation Stage
Cleaning things up. We lay out the structural foundation and cornerstones of your communication and design strategy.
Ok, down to earth – time to structurize. Logic and reasoning rules in that stage. We filter down, research, verify and organize. Vision meets viability.
Based on our previous findings and requirements, we plan your project, we set up milestones, we specify suitable design and technological approaches. For your website or other media we will also define further key aspects – such as content strategy and functional needs.
Realizing: The Creation Stage
Let´s make stuff! Your new and truly unique brand design and website comes to life.
Finally, all bits and pieces are coming together. Now it´s about creating: sketching & layouting, building & presenting, discussing & writing, developing & implementing, testing & finetuning, ...
A little bit of talent and magic involved but, honestly, for the most part it ́s about dedication, experience and most important: a clear understanding of what we want to achieve. Backed by previous stages, the realizing phase is a focussed and streamlined process towards fast quality results.